Awakening the kundalini

Tantra workshop

When accepting all that you are, including your body, and your sexuality you transform all that is in your reality beyond the dualistic state of thinking. Because of its powerful potential tantra has been kept a secret tradition for a very long time, but the times are changing. There is no time for secrecy no more – the world needs more magicians now. This is the wake-up call.

This is a short introduction workshop that will demonstrate the most effective way of awakening your kundalini in a safe way, by directing your shakti up through each chakra and uniting the feminine force (shakti) and the masculine force (shiva) in the opened crown. This is the main goal of any self realization or liberation; the unification and awakening of the whole.

The small workshop is held by Runi Atma which is an experienced healer and spiritual teacher. He´s been teaching spiritual traditions both in Norway and abroad for almost 25 years. Runi has developed his own healing-techniques, but did also graduate as a Reiki Master at International Centre for Reiki Healing in London in 1998. He also has black belts in Shotokan Karate, and is known for being a powerful healer and clairvoyant.