Never forget the darkness


Synne came from the darkest part of the ocean to show us that eternity has no beginning. She controls the darkness in the light, and is well known for her beautifully dangerous moves. She is here to remind us that darkness also is a language that speaks of unity.

She is also a professional dancer reputable for her improvisation, and ability to express feelings and moods on the occult and hidden side of life. She is the leader of Kompani Haugesund and a part of Montebøllo Kunstkollektiv.

In OMG Festival she will do a few site specific danceperformances and host a sensation dance workshop where she will focus on awakening the primordial forces that evolves into natural dance. She will assist you to become free on the dancefloor liberated from everything that holds you back, because dance has its own will – if you let it loose.