Waves of vibrations


Fresh on the Dj scene, Nay Laa is making waves of vibrations with her eclectic techno style. Raised between the mountains of Norway and the Mediterranean sea, exploring the music underground scene throughout her upbringing, Nay Laa´s insatiable passion for music lead her to Greece, where she thrives as a DJ.

Boundless in her musical expression, Nay Laa´s dynamic sets evolve across a vast spectrum of electric fusion. Moving between a minimal groove, dark melodic tunes and progressive techno with psychedelic elements, her captivating sound brings your soul into motion. Over the past year, Nay Laa has become a part of the OMG community, with her performances in Bergen and Haugesund. You can also see her perform at Free Earth Festival i Greece this year. She has lately started to explore producing and hope to release her music in the near future.