There is a scientific method on how to create a dancefloor that facilitates collective sensations for the mind, the body, and the spirit. A dancefloor is the oldest cultural institution in the world, and a place where boundaries and obstacles melt into an ocean of oneness and opportunity.

Conscious clubbing

An OMG Event is not just another party where you go to get drunk and intoxicated. The events are designed and intentionally fitted to liberate and evolve the human experience. We will recommend you to stay alert, awake, vital and healthy.

Arts & performances

It is important for us to create a multi-dimensional experience which involves all the senses. We are closely connected to visual artists, musicians and live performers that understands the ideology and nature of our events.


People are the most important ingredient in all events and gatherings. We have a nationwide community counting more than a thousand members. A decent amount of them travels to most events, wherever they are. Unity is power!


What are The OMG Events?

The OMG Events are an event-series created by Berner Garvik in 2016. The series has appeared in different shapes and forms over the years but is probably most notable for successfull running of the private club OMG Huset from 2018 to 2020, the annual summer festival OMG Festival 2016-2021, and hosting more than 100 large-scale nighttime events. OMG is probably one of Norway’s longest running and most experienced non-conventional club concepts. Currently there are OMG Events regularly running in the major urban areas of Norway.

“With the right intention and attention one can create dancefloors so vast and expansive that they appear like portals to higher dimensions “

A part of Soria Community

Our events have a community-based nature where people from the crowd are signing up to do volunteer shifts, or perform professional work. We are closely connected to the Soria Community which is a Norwegian creative collective built on the idea of a better future on planet earth. All our guests, participators, volunteers and contributors need to be a member of the community to attend. It is free, easy and non-binding to become a member. Just fill this form.

Soria Community is handling our human resource database, event statistics, shift plans, and guest information. Basically everything with people.

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OMG Event Principles


Our events have a community based nature, which means that they are supported by thousands of hours of collective effort. This is something we do together, with everyone’s best in mind. Please reach out if you want to be a part of it.            


We will aspire you to express your true self, and we will promise to not be judgemental. It is expected that everyone attending an event does as best as they can to be authentic and real without hidden intentions.


We are in this together, and we will stay in this together. Forgiveness and acceptance is the way.         


This is our sacred space, and this is not a place to get drunk and intoxicated. Please stay alert, awake, vital and healthy. Respect the vibe. 


Recycle, and preserve mother earth, take care of each other, take care of yourself. Let there be gold dust in your footprints.


Stay away from cameras, cellphones and other electronic equipment as much as possible. This moment is the most precious gift, pay attention and you shall receive.

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