OMG is a series of events with intentionally created dancefloor experience fitted for liberation, connection, and self development. The event series is often recognized by an innovative and non-traditional approach on club environments. OMG Events was started on the west coast of Norway in 2016 as a community project aiming to create unity and belonging based on authentic values. OMG has since grown to the most urban areas of the country, hosted more than 200 nighttime events, lately also internationally.


Berner Garvik

Synne Garvik

Øyvind Garvik

Paul White

Marita Victoria Gundersen

Kristoffer Borchgrevink

Dan Ashton

Maria Bergwitz

Daniel Rossehaug

Nathalie Rognaldsen

Elise Thrane

Runi Atma

Isak Nuth

Ruben Snare


Our events have a community based nature, which means that they are supported by thousands of hours of collective effort. This is something we do together, with everyone’s best in mind. Please reach out if you want to be a part of it.

We will aspire you to express your true self, and ourselves be non-judgemental in return. Authenticity and realness is expected from all participants. Leave any ulterior motives behind.

We are in this together, and we will stay in this together. Forgiveness and acceptance is the way.   

This is our sacred space, and this is not a place to get drunk and intoxicated. Please stay alert, awake, vital and healthy. Respect the vibe. 

Recycle, and preserve mother earth, take care of each other, take care of yourself. Let there be gold dust in your footprints.

Stay away from cameras, cellphones and other electronic equipment as much as possible. This moment is the most precious gift, pay attention and you shall receive.